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Oct 04, 2019 · Contact Us. [email protected] 518-862-1090 866-NYSERDA (Toll free) Fax: 518-862-1091; 17 Columbia Circle Albany, NY 12203-6399 See Our Other Offices

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The Department has issued a new Buildings Bulletin that specifically clarifies the applicability of section FGC 502.1 of the 2014 NYC Fuel Gas Code (FGC) which mandates the use of listed and labeled plastic pipe as vent pipe serving Category IV appliances.. For more details on the requirements, please read Buildings Bulletin 2021-001

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For more information and guidance on what options are best for your home, view the Department of Energy Home Heating Infographic.To learn more about properly maintaining your equipment and/or determine whether it’s time to replace your furnace or boiler, visit the ENERGY STAR Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling.. Explore NYSERDA’s list of approved contractors to service your

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Building operations and maintenance employees are key to helping building managers and owners reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Improving the skills of these employees can significantly improve building efficiency and reduce operating costs, while helping meet the State’s energy efficiency and emissions reduction goals

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Contact Us. [email protected] 518-862-1090 866-NYSERDA (Toll free) Fax: 518-862-1091; 17 Columbia Circle Albany, NY 12203-6399 See Our Other Offices

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High performance Fresnel-based photovoltaic concentrator Pablo Benítez 1,2,*, Juan C. Miñano 1,2, Pablo Zamora1, Rubén Mohedano2, Aleksandra Cvetkovic2, Marina Buljan1, Julio Chaves2, Maikel Hernández2 1 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Cedint, Campus de Montegancedo 28223, Madrid, Spain 2 LPI, 2400 Lincoln Ave., Altadena, CA 91001 USA * [email protected] Abstract: …

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Covid-19 Update – Open for Shipping and Curbside Pickup Please allow 1-2 business days for processing/shipping. Most orders ship same/next day. Nortel remains closed for walk-in customers. Established in 1967, Nortel Manufacturing Limited has revolutionized the way people work with fire. From flexible hand torches to bench-mounted burners with real power — Nortel knows how […]

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Dec 23, 2020 · Earned income credit (New York State) (New York City) Economic Transformation and Facility Redevelopment Program tax credit Empire State apprenticeship tax credit

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Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology Training supports organizations across the state providing training and experience to workers in clean energy businesses. They will use their funding to ensure workers have the hands-on experience skills that businesses need, while providing job placement assistance to reduce the risk and costs associated with recruiting, onboarding, training, and retention

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Private meter installation with reimbursement is designed to provide owners of residential properties the opportunity to have their water meters installed by a Licensed Master Plumber of their own choosing

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Sep 29, 2020 · Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the Career Pathway Training Partnerships program in high efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and electric heat pump technologies to prepare New Yorkers for the growing number of job opportunities in the clean energy industry

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European Commission › EURAXESS › Jobs & Funding › Advanced materials and devices for oxygen concentrators - SAFER project, Development of materials for high efficiency oxygen concentrators for medical use, 2021_ASSEGNI_DEIB_26. EURAXESS. Toggle navigation ; Jobs & Funding More

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Dec 16, 2014 · NREL's new solar cell, which is designed for operation in a concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) system where it can receive more than 1,000 suns of concentrated sunlight, greatly improves earlier designs by incorporating an additional high quality absorber layer to achieve an ultra-high efficiency

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CECO Peerless is an experienced and reliable global leader in designing and supplying a wide range of compact, engineered, high-efficiency, processing, separation and filtration equipment. Founded in 1933, Peerless primarily serves the oil and gas production, gas pipeline transportation and power generating industries around the world

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Jul 17, 2017 · Concentrator photovoltaics achieve high efficiency but have so far been impractical for use on rooftops. Here, Price et al. develop …

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It uses biconvex 180× lens arrays to concentrate direct light on high‐efficiency III–V solar cells (29% module efficiency has been demonstrated outdoors on direct sunlight at Concentrator